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New Global Peace Initiatives Website

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We are proud of our new website look and hope the information on the website helps to share the stories about the impact Global Peace Initiatives is having on the communities we serve.

Stay tuned for new bloggers who are going to help us build a community of communicators related to our activities and gardening efforts to feed the hungry. The numbers of people stepping to help Global Peace Initiatives over the next year are amazing, including Chris Kosovich who has donated the services of Kosovich Media and helped us migrate our web page onto this new open source platform. This mechanism will empower many people to share news on behalf of Global Peace Initiatives.

Today is such a nice day in Indianapolis. 50 degrees and I feel like landscaping. In fact, I want to create a little order around the GPI compound and prepare some beds while the ground is soft and moist. If you are starting a new garden this year choose your footprint and turn the sod. In the event you want to kill the sod without turning it, place cardboard and fine mulch over the area of your bed and by spring effortlessly the sod will be soil ready to turn. Stay turned to more Peace Garden tips.

Much Peace,

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 April 2011 14:16


Efroymson Fund Logo

Global Peace Initiatives is supported by the generous contributions from the Efroymson Family, which is one of the funds that make up the Central Indiana Community Foundation.

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Global Peace Initiatives events were selected five years in a row for inclusion in IUPUI Polis Center’s Spirit and Place.