Seeds of Peace

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From the mouth of babes, they explain the need. When the new principal of Theodore Potter Elementary School 74 he asked them what they wanted to do to their school. They told him they wanted to make their school more beautiful. They said to him, “can’t we just plant some flowers?”  When the neighborhood association president asked the “John” doing community service why they came to this neighborhood to solicit prostitutes, they answered him with the explanation, “because in this neighborhood no one cares”.

We care. We can make a difference together.

Join us as we plant, Seeds of Peace. We plant sunflowers and bring beauty and light to our Indianapolis neighborhoods. Sunflowers have been chosen for several reasons. First, the head of the flower literally turns and follows the light of the sun as it moves through the summer sky. Second, people are amazed by the beauty of mature sunflowers and often travel to see the phenomena of sunflowers planted in mass. Third, because sunflowers nurture nature and people through the generosity of the bloom, feeding all creatures, large and small.

Participate in the Seeds of Peace Initiative and share your intention of love and light in your urban neighborhoods.

Commit the service of your group to the effort by calling Global Peace Initiatives at 317-222-1556.

Make a financial gift to the project by sending a tax-deductible donation to:

Global Peace Initiatives

Seeds of Peace Initiative

PO Box 11593
Indianapolis, IN 46201

We will bring Love, Light and Peace to neighborhoods everywhere.

Join us.


Efroymson Fund Logo

Global Peace Initiatives is supported by the generous contributions from the Efroymson Family, which is one of the funds that make up the Central Indiana Community Foundation.

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Global Peace Initiatives events were selected five years in a row for inclusion in IUPUI Polis Center’s Spirit and Place.