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We literally began to walk our walk through the Peace Hike. Step by step, they way we bring action to peacemaking through the Peace Hike and the Peace Gardens. Whether we walk our walk locally or globally, we are doing something that raises peace consciousness and improves the quality of life for others. Our programming is divided into three categories that raise peace consciousness:

  • Local Footprint
  • Global Footprint - We have managed international Peace Journeys for adult and youth groups to Negril, Jamaica. There we partner with agencies like the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Forestry, the Negril Reef Coral Preservation Society, the Theodora Project, Negril and the Savannah La Mar Rotary Clubs.
  • Giant Leaps - Giant Leaps are in honor of the words of Neil Armstrong who declared a "giant leap for mankind..." as he stepped on the surface of the moon. Giant Leaps are big moments for whole communities through special events. We consider them community wide experiences where we engage service, celebration and and a call for unity in peace. Peaceful Grounds Cafe and Farm Market: A Center for Agriculture and Sustainable Living is a from the ground up community development initiative of "Giant Leap" proportions. In the past, we have done "Flash Farms" and installed five farms in six hours as well as total community makeovers with a thousand people in six hours.

Efroymson Fund Logo

Global Peace Initiatives is supported by the generous contributions from the Efroymson Family, which is one of the funds that make up the Central Indiana Community Foundation.

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Global Peace Initiatives events were selected five years in a row for inclusion in IUPUI Polis Center’s Spirit and Place.