Peace Gardens are not only the places where we grow food to feed the hungry, but can also be the fertile site for the development of relationships and lessons about healthy eating. Our Peace Gardens provide an experience that nurtures a lifetime of respect for nature, an increased understanding for health and fellowship within the community.

We have created Peace Gardens in Indianapolis for four growing seasons. We have developed 37 gardens in these four years. In our fourth year, we  made our growing spaces larger and also associated these gardens with strategic partners that we have developed relationships with through the years. Together we are moving forward to develop their capacity to feed the hungry.

We think the pictures speak louder than words about our magnificent volunteers in service, some of them from the local neighborhoods, others from all over the country. They have trimmed trees, turned ground, cultivated, planted seeds and seedlings, watered, picked up trash in neighborhoods, performed makeovers on churches and parks, painted houses, had great fun getting dirty and most importantly shared light and love wherever they went. Their comments stand as our evaluation and the impact we are making in Indiana and in the hearts of people we work with through the seasons.

We started 2011 off with a FLASH - Flash Farm, that is... Through our collaboration with Group Cares and our implementation of 1 By Youth, in one day, in one community, we made a massive difference and installed five urban farms to feed the hungry in six hours. Click here to see the impact.

Our biggest event in 2011 by far promises to be the beginning of our community redevelopment project, Peaceful Grounds Cafe and Farm Market: A Center for Agriculture and Sustainable Living. To view images of the effort click here.

To check out our 2010 Growing Season activities follow the links below.

To check out our Summer 2009 activities follow the links below.

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